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5 Ways to Make Back to School a Smooth Transition

Back to school is both an exciting and sometimes “sad” time of year. Exciting as we a new school year will begin, filled with so much promise. Yet, sad as all of the summer fun and “freedom” will come to an end as schedules resume. America’s Best Defense new student director Sue Direnzo shares some important back to school tips. Here are the first 5 – stay tuned for even more.

1. Involvement

Have your child be involved in the preparing for back to school. Make back to school shopping fun and special. Try to make it a one on one experience. We all have tight schedules but this one on one time gives your child the opportunity to talk freely about his or her excitement and nervousness about the new school year.


You’ve heard it many time but READ 20 minutes a day. Be a reading role model and take time to read in front of your child. Create a 20 minute D.E.A.R. time, Drop Everything And Read.

Everyone in your house stops what they are doing and takes 20 minutes to read to themselves. If you have younger children they may look at twenty books while you are reading. that is awesome. You are creating a culture in your house and showing your children reading is important. My older son who we struggle to get to read chooses to read every time he sees his father reading. It’s amazing the influence we as parents have as our children’s role model.

3. Healthy Choices

Have your child help you prepare his or her snack at night. Let them take ownership for their snacks. We all want our children to eat healthy so provide two or three healthy choices. They get to choose what they bring to school but you provided the options they can choose from. I have my children pack one fruit one vegetable and one other snack. So my evening looks like this: ”Apple or banana, carrots or celery, crackers or popcorn?" After a few weeks it is routine and they are making healthy choices without the prompting.

4. Routine

We all want summer to last as long as possible but establishing a routine prior to the first day of school makes the transition easier. Start now establishing a sleep and rise routine. Don’t let the first day of school be the first day of the routine. Practice makes perfect.

5. Know your child!!!

We as parents want everything to be fun and exciting for our children. We have a tendency to over talk new things in the hopes to get our children excited about it. If you a have a nervous child it can cause more anxiety by constantly talking about the new school year. We want to inform and prepare our children but make sure not to harp on it or make it too big of a deal. On the other hand if your child is excited about the new year feed into their excitement with all the exciting experiences he or she will have in the new year.

Start implementing these amazing habits right away.

Sue Direnzo is the enrollment director at America’s Best Defense. She has a promethazine without prescription Bachelors Degree is elementary educations, 30 credits towards a Masters in Early Childhood education, A teacher certification in elementary education and early childhood education. She is black belt in the America’s Best Defense Krav Maga program. Her and her family are all active students

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