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Corey Buzzell Krav Maga Instructor

Corey Buzzell

  • Corey started his martial arts journey as a child, and got back involved as a young adult.
  • He has earned his 1st & Second Degree Black belts in Tang So Do
  • He is a certified instructor with Krav Maga Worldwide
  • He is a 4th Degree Black Belt under Paul Garcia and America's Best Defense
  • He is a certified instructor under Greg Silva and United Professionals
  • He is a certified Jujitsu instructor
  • He has earned a White Mongoul with Sitydytong Muay Thai
  • He is a blue belt under Daniel Gracie BJJ
  • He is a Certified Program Director under Black Belt Schools International
  • He specializes in self defense training - teach work place safety - home invasion preventions - firearm self defense - Fire arms as a self defense tool - Womans Self Defense Seminars

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