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  • America's Best Defense has changed my families life for the better in so many ways!!! It all started with my son being bullied. He was 7 years old and had no self esteem. One call to ABD and we were on our way. The journey has been amazing!!! He is now a black belt and the lessons he has learned NO ONE can ever take away from him. Through watching the amazing changes and challenges they helped my son over come, I joined the school and became a member of the I Love Kickboxing Community. Now they are helping me overcome my challenges!!! ABD Spencer is our second Family!!!!!

    Heather P.
  • Wish I had known about ABD Spencer years ago...I've been taking kickboxing for over two years and have been a student of Krav Maga for almost a year. I love what I'm doing to stay fit! The instructors are the best, as are the owners. It is such a positive place to be - everyone that walks through the door is treated with kindness and respect. The kids I see that train here are amazing. I recommend ABD Spencer to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental health.

    Debra L.
  • I know I needed to start exercising on a regular basis, I bought a groupon! For the first time in my life I tried something on my own. So glad I did! I new this was the place the minute I walked in the door I was welcomed by first name! The energy in ABD is amazing! Its not your normal work out place everyone is friendly and motivates each other! Victories are shared and celebrated! The owners and instructors are outstanding it amazes me the team they have! Not only am I losing weight and shredding inches; I've made awesome friendships! I'm addicted!

    Melinda G.
  • Nicole S., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    I began training at this facility almost three years ago in their Krav Maga program. The material you learn is life changing, and life saving. I am now in the kickboxing program and if you are looking to get into shape, this is the class for you! This school will teach you how to defend yourself and your family, how to get into shape and remain motivated to stay there and you will make great friends along the way.

    Nicole S.
  • Scott L., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    ABD Spencer is definitely 5 Stars; from the instructors through so many of the classmates, all have changed my life's outlook into an an incredible positive. My arthritis and (then) overweight proved not to be an issue with Krav Maga. With their help, I have overcome what I thought were limitations. I recommend ABD Spencer to all.

    Scott L.
  • Bonnie A., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    A shout out to Denise! Thank you for believing in me when I didn't, and thanks for not letting me say I can't do it. I'm on a journey to better health! And last but not least, thank you for kicking my ass!

    Bonnie A.
  • Siobhan N., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    The staff not only make you feel comfortable, but are there to motivate you to reach your goals. Every one is knowledgeable and brings their own techniques to the table. No two classes are ever the same, but always are challenging and rewarding!

    Siobhan N.
  • Crystal A., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    My family loves going to ABD. My son and daughter are both learning valuable self defense as well as a "black belt attitude" taught by the fantastic kids program instructors. I love the kickboxing classes. Have been hooked from the start. Dynamic classes and instructors take a personal interest in you and your needs.

    Crystal A.
  • Niki L., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    I love Krav! The most intense workout I've ever done. And now I feel like I can kick a little @$$. Highly recommend for my lady friends who have to walk alone anywhere ever.

    Niki L.
  • Rachael M., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    Absolutely love it here! Amazing people and it's always a great class, very welcoming.

    Rachael M.
  • David M., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    I think Corey and Alex are the greatest. They go the extra mile to help people out and you will have an awesome experience in their classes!

    David M.
  • Jeffrey H., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    After day one all I want to do is go back and work more... The class was informative fun and an awesome workout. Can't wait to come back.

    Jeffrey H.
  • Tina S., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    I LOVE IT ALL.. The decision to enroll my girls and myself has been one of the BEST decisions I have made in my life and am blessed to have been introduced to such a wonderful place.. Xoxo

    Tina S.
  • Larry B., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    ABD Spencer rocks. I've been in the martial arts industry for over 10 years and they are some of the best most knowledgable instructors I know.

    Larry B.
  • Mary Beth C. , America's Best Defense Testimonials

    Thanks to the amazing training at America's Best Defense, I finished my first Tough Mudder! Instead of buying a convertible for my midlife crisis, I joined the ABD Tough Mudder Team. Best decision! Thank you, team!

    Mary Beth C.
  • Ray C., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    No where else in Worcester County can you learn Krav Maga and get in shape like you can at ABD Spencer.

    Ray C.
  • Adele O., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    The best experience ever .. Motivating and fun!!!

    Adele O.
  • Richard F., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    I lost six pounds in six week taking Krav Maga classes twice a week. Thank you Jay, Corey, Sara and Casey!

    Richard F.
  • Jessica V., America's Best Defense Testimonials

    Just started kickboxing classes at ABD in Spencer and it's a great workout.

    Jessica V.


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